Saskatchewan Building Trades Collective Agreements

CLR Saskatchewan is the representative employer organization (REO) designated as the representative of unionized contractors in various commercial services in Saskatchewan. We provide services through collective bargaining with the Saskatchewan Building Trades Unions, collective agreement management and interpretation, assistance with arbitration and labour law issues, and various other professional association initiatives. “The construction industry and our partners are actively engaged in construction by offering careers – not just jobs. We are talking to under-represented groups and Build Together offers a way to formalize this work and provide increased support in our union halls and at work,” said Dion Malakoff, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Building Trades Council and Co-Chair of the CODC. “After working with Lyle in recent years, I am pleased that her commitment to introducing diversity in the trades is being extended to the four pillars. I hope that all local unions and businesses will participate in supporting this program, so that we can enable these groups to take on greater roles, both in the workplace and in our communities. Build Together, women of the Building Trades, was the first pillar that became bearable by CODC, and was successful in promoting, supporting and mentoring women in crafts. This winter, Build Together Women will focus on public relations, including try-a-trade events for women and teens and upcoming networking events in Regina and Saskatoon. Daniels will support the staff, but leaves the planning and direction of the committee to the women for whom it was originally created. As a unionized construction contractor working in Saskatchewan, we encourage you to join our association and have a voice for the future of our industry. Canada`s construction unions are an alliance of 15 international unions in the construction, maintenance and manufacturing industries, together representing more than half a million artisans in Canada. Each year, our unions and contract partners invest more than $300 million in the private sector to fund and operate more than 175 learning training and training centres across Canada that produce the safest, best-trained and most productive artisans found around the world. Canada`s construction unions represent members who work in more than 60 different professions and occupations and account for 14 per cent of Canada`s GDP. You can read more here: “I have always worked to help Aboriginal youth do their best and develop a strong career plan.

I saw first-hand the opportunities that trades offer to move forward and succeed,” said Daniels. I want to seize the opportunities in the trades and help people overcome all the barriers seen or invisible that have prevented them from practising a profession in the construction sector. In my new role in Build Together, I will be able to use my passion to help people create this space and luck for the under-represented people in the construction industry. Employment, career, occupation and contacts of apprenticeship places:A list of contacts in each construction office or to learn more about the trade, occupation, apprenticeship and career, click here! “The four pillars of Build Together are consistent with our industry`s goals of attracting labour and enabling them to pursue fantastic careers in the craft sector, and I am pleased that Lyle is leading this work on our behalf,” said Warren Douglas, Executive Director of the Construction Labour Association of Saskatchewan Inc.